The Casual Observations of an Escort.

The Casual Observations of an Escort.

My name is Violette, I am an international escort, I often tour around to different countries plying my trade and hopefully bringing a bit of joy to some lives. Along the way, one can’t help but notice things about places and people.

For instance, in Holland, they all ride bikes, soft drugs are legal, prostitution is also legal, but the cost is quite low. Ireland, drinking is a national past time, and sport, every town has a church named after St. Patrick, and the accents can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, let alone from town to town. France, the food, the fashion, and the form-the French love form for its own sake, which makes for fantastic shop windows, but interesting politics. Italy, food, mama, food, architecture, art, food, fashion, and food. I love the Italians, they are fantastic to watch arguing. England, the upper lip isn’t the only thing that is stiff with this bunch.
But just as the food, language, and styles are different so is their approach to escorting.

The Dutch, past masters at organizing and middlemanship, have managed to remove all the forbidden fruit aspect to the whole thing and turned it into a business. Right down to having an information center where ladies can go and get questions answered to various and sundry queries. Making it legal, so they can tax the hell out of it. Fantastic I just love this approach, it is rather refreshing to say the least.

The Irish, this is a mixed brew, I have lately been spending a large amout of time here, and so far this is one of the few groups who have managed to be accepting and conflicted about the whole idea all at once. There are websites dedicated to allowing the ladies and gentlemen to come together and interact rather openly. Then there will be documentries condeming the practice and highlighting how sad and desperate the women are(utter nonsense), and how enslaved the men are(also utter bollocks). Not to mention the polices’ (called Garda) reaction, it is illegal, but an independent lady can file a complaint, just as long as she is independent. Right! There are some seriously conflicted inner working happening in Ireland. But with that said, they are a delightfully funny people, full of fun.

The French, a complicated lot, but when it comes to the subject of sex, and especially forbidden sex, oh dear how they have managed to make being naughty so much fun. As long as you dress it up in a package other that what it is, and add that glamourous hint of fashion to it, it is amazing with what you can get away with. Glamour and a serious attention to artifice is called for.

The Italians, lots of frustration and conflicts here, which leads to the very Macho attitude I have encountered. Let’s say they excel way more at food.

The English, where does one begin, a wide spectrum of attitudes here, anything from ‘who cares’ to NIMBYism. Some frustration, but when you encounter one that is well balanced and into what they want, it is rather a refreshing thing to find.

But these general personal observations are about the men, I am encountering in my various travels, which got me thinking about the other half of the equation-the women. Some of my clients are in relationships and some are not, I will often ask if they are married or not, just for curiosity; but after awhile a pattern started to emerge. I started to notice when given the slightest opportunity, gentlemen will open up and start to talk about the relationship they are in, and the sex they are not having. Not to put too fine a point on things, but I wouldn’t use some of my clients name in the same sentence with Cassonova! But that being said, the general compliant is that the lady wife tends to like the usual routine of missionary. But when given the options, of doggy, cowgirl, ballerina(that is being a bit more acrobatic), or missionary, 8 our of 10 will choose the missionary! Now I have to ask the question, is it the lady or the man who prefers this position? Chicken or Egg?

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