The Economy and My Skin.

The Economy and My Skin.

I will be the first to admit, if I have money I will spend it! Point. But now that businesses all over are slowing down, and money isn’t flying in the door. I am a more cautious on what I spend it on these days. Example, skin care for me has always been a major expenditure, no matter what my economic situation has been. I remember being at university and having to choose between buying my face cream and food for the week. I bought the face cream, because I though “If I look good, some one will feed me. :)” I know, I was a tart from way back!
But lately I have began to rethink things, and do a bit of investigation, and have began to realize that there are cheaper alternatives to some of the more expensive brands out there that are on par if not better.
I have always loved the idea of using natural products on my skin, so I have used everything from Clarins to Sisley Clarins being on the lower end of the scale in term of price and Sisley being totally off the charts in terms of cost. I either out grew them, or moved on to products that were more suited to my skin.

Then I discovered Ren this stuff is delightful, all natural no preservatives, works like a charm, and is not cheap. What got me hooked was a body care item I tried called the Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Nourishing Body Oil. Dear God this stuff is like rose scented liquid gold! I mean it just absorbs in your skin leaving it silky smooth, soft, refined and smelling like a bower of roses. Just delightful after a hard days work. But it is also 55 euros a bottle! Yikes. But as I started to notice my last precious drops dwindling, I decided I must begin to find a cheaper alternative to this stuff. Love it though I do, it is really an extravagance that is best left to my clients wish lists.

Thus the hunt began to find less expensive alternatives. Went to the local cosmetics counter, no joy! Went to some more exclusive boutique pharmacies, no love. The drops were going fast and a sense of urgency was starting to develope.

Ran into Boots, quite quickly to pick up some last minute items, massage oil, tampons, body lotion, nail polish, etc. And as I was looking I came across one of their own brand lines called Boots Botanics, rather unstylish insepid green packaging, clear transparent bottles, or tubes. But the stuff in those less that lack-luster containers is like manna from heaven. I mean the Quenching body lotion does what it says it does! It hydrates my skin all day for about 5.79 euro! And it lasts and lasts, and lasts. Plus there is always some special going on, so you get your bonus points! It is seriously a win-win situation.

The question remains will I retrun to purchasing more expensive brands when all returns to normal? Maybe, but at the end of the day I think the difference really is knowing the value of money and getting the most for your dollar, euro, or pound. Boots Botanics gives great value for money. And the stuff works! and works well!

2 thoughts on “The Economy and My Skin.

  1. You know Violette I know how it is too with the face cleansers and such. However, it took me awhile to realize some of the expensive stuff (pro-activ, oil of olay yuck!, and biore) were actually making my skin worse. They are very strong stuff and get your face squeaky clean but then very dry. So I then started using Aveeno naturals bar soap which is like 3 or 4 bucks, and neutrogena non alchoholic toner..which is kinda expensive about 8 bucks but both work very well. And then I use plain vitamin E for mosturizing. So yes…natural is the way to go for 'us' if you know what I mean.

  2. I myself love taking care of my skin which is what I get compliment on the most on from the gentlemen I see. I did find Garnier Fruitis to be wonderful for my skin and Nievea.There is somethings that you can't really skim on when it comes to your apperance since your in a body business.

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