The Art of the Well Batted Lash

The Art of the Well Batted Lash

I have just made a discovery! Don’t laugh, but here goes…. False Eye Lashes! I know the damn thing have been around for years, much talked about and used in the ’60’s, and ’70’s! But up until recently I just couldn’t be asked to be asked. Until recently, when having make up done for a shoot, some were applied, and BLOODY HELL! Sitting before me in the mirror, wasn’t me, but this doe-eyed, diva with fans attached to her eye lids. Absolutely amazing! I was transformed. So I decided to try them out at work. After about an hour of poking myself in the eyes, sticking the lash to my brows, and getting glue all over the place I finally got the right eye on. The left one was thankfully a whole lot easier.

Still the same effect! Youth and beauty were mine for 5 euros and 95 cents. My god that all beauty treatments were a this simple and cheap. This whole process got me to thinking about our obsession with looks and the cheats we girls have learned over the years to get over. I personally thing the most significant break through in this fight against aging is…. wait for it…. Hair Color! I know this for a fact! I unfortunately started going gray at about 18 years old, so hair color has been my one salvation. But now coupled with dermabrasion, face lifts, butt lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, lipo-lite, acupuncture, and god only knows what else, looking thirty can last for years to come. Yippie! Cause I am truning the big 3-0 this year, and I was beginning to despair. Love and Kisses Violette

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