Airport Security

Airport Security

Ok, I am sure I am not the only person who has or will have a bitch, whine, or moan about airport security. But, can someone tell me how my Dior lip-gloss combined with any other of my cosmetics I own or carry will form a WMD? And if said lip-gloss is supposudely a trigger to a WMD, how does placing it in a plastic baggie nullify this effect? That is because it doesn’t? All the stupid airport security serves one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to keep people scared shitless, and to keep otherwise impossible to employ individuals employeed!
I am more worried that this is the so called first line of defense against terrorism, if this is the case we are sooooo fucked!
I am sorry, but the more I travel the more frustrated I become, with the truly daft and pointless restrictions placed on normal everyday people going about their business.

I am sure they made a certain young man take off his shoes and empty his pockets on Christmas day 2009, but did that or any of the other pointless exercises, almost prevent a serious crisis. Not in the slightest. So the solution to the problem, they are going to take even more drastic measures to complicate the travel experience. Brilliant.
Now that being said, I must say when traveling first class, these annoyances just seem to disappear. Funny that!

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