Days of the Week

Days of the Week

There is nothing I love more than laying in bed on a Sunday Morning. I know how cliche this sounds, but I have tried it on other mornings and it just isn’t the same. I love to get up early, put on my favorite pink fuzzy slippers go into the kitchen make a sinfully wickedly strong cup of espresso, then return to the bed and nest for the rest of the day in pink pajamas. Bliss! I have tried to do this on other days of the week, but it just doesn’t seem to work.
Monday mornings are the worst, so many hurried and harassed people rushing to work, as if it is the last place they want to be.
I love Monday mornings for work, I often find I am busiest on a Monday, I guess after having to spend the weekends with the wives, kids, family and girlfriends, my clients are busting to get a bit of undercover lovin’. I am turning people away, cause they all want to come at the same time!
Tuesdays, can be even busier, because some people take a three or four day holiday and stay away ona Monday, so when they return on Tuesday, plus those I couldn’t get to on Monday, can make Tuesday a rather busy day. By the end of Tuesday, I am usually looking forward to Wednesday, which we ladies call Wanker Wednesday. It is usually the worst day of the week, I get more No-Shows on a Wednesday than any other day. I have gotten to the point that I usually don’t take most appointments seriously on a Wednesday, plus I also NEVER begin a tour on a Wednesday either.
Now Thursday is for some the end of the week, so again they want to get it in before having to go away for the weekend. So Thursdays can be quite busy, or you can have exhausted the client base by then, and it is completely dead.
Friday, again a bit like Thursday.
Saturday, Oi! I stop working on or around 12, because I want my phones off before the pubs close. If it is drunk and has a mobile with internet, it will call! Dear god the amount of messages that are left by drunken men on my phone is comical at best, and down right sad a worst.
Which brings me right around to my favorite day of the week Sunday! Time to go and make that second cup of coffee.

One thought on “Days of the Week

  1. Wow…this is proof that things are definently different not only as male/female escort but more so with the side of world we are on. Mondays are the end of a busy weekend. Nothing ever happens Mondays! I have gotten bookings, but its not something to be expected. Wednesdays? Well honey thats when the party starts. And it carries on all the way through Sunday night. But its been said before, there really isnt any rhythm or reason to it. When it rains it does what? IT POURS!

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