Hot Water revisited, and Funny Names for things.

Hot Water revisited, and Funny Names for things.

I have seriously come to the conclusion that even though it sounds like we are speaking the same language, there are some things that get lost in translation. Or in definition, is more like it. Allow me to explain. Let’s take as an example the word rock. One of its meanings is-This is the one I had in mind at the time:
rock |räk|
1 the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil or oceans.
• a mass of such material projecting above the earth’s surface or out of the sea : there are dangerous rocks around the island.
• Geology any natural material, hard or soft (e.g., clay), having a distinctive mineral composition.

Now with this in mind, I will embark on my latest adventure. I was in the lovely county of Tipperary, in the town of Cashel. And having some free time on my hands I went to visit the Cashel Rock! You can see where this is going? So, armed with camera, water and comfy shoes, sun hat, and shades. I set off up the hill, looking for this rock. Now considering it is a tourist attraction, I figured it would be a rather large rock, a fair assumption considering there was a thriving shop at the bottom of the hill, and loads of lovely little B&Bs. Well I walked up the hill, entered gate, walked around this rather ancient keep saw the chapel, the cross, and still no rock! Ok, I figured maybe I missed it. I went round the back, looked over the edge, looked up even, still no rock, now I was beginning to feel cheated! Just to be on the safe side, I did another look round, until finally in exasperation I asked someone, where the Rock of Cashel was? They blinked thinking I was taking the piss, and answered, this is the rock. I said, “Where, I don’t see a rock. Is it a small rock hidden in a cupboard? “Then the penny dropped. It wasn’t a rock (see above definition), it was the entire keep that was called the rock! So basically I have been for the better part of an hour or so walking on, in, over, under and around the Rock, I was beginning to feel like a preposition. The poor couple I asked were looking at me a bit funny, I am sure they are still wondering if I was all there.

Ok, this of course got me to thinking, of some more attractive names to call the place, seriously think about it; I love rocks, so I was inclined to trek up a hill to see one, now think of the tourist who isn’t interested in rocks, and would miss a wonderful piece of history. So, I have decided to offer up a few alternative suggestions for the name The Rock Of Cashel.
The Cashel Keep on the Rock
The Hilltop Castle of Cashel
The Rock, but not really a rock but a series buildings, including a chapel and cross, of Cashel
Hilltop View of Cashel.
Just to name a few.

And last but not least. The hot water issue, I am still amazed at the ways they come up with in Ireland to complicate the getting of hot water. It is NEVER straight forward, in addition to flicking switches, and turning knobs, now I have encountered the pulling of strings! Oh for feck’s sake! Oh and of course the string isn’t in the most conspicuous place, sometimes it is in another room all together! If it wasn’t for a kind gentlemen who came to visit me and told me what to look for I would have still been washing myself in the bloody sink. Ah the joys of a traveling escort.

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