My Cat.

My Cat.

My cat, god love the furry fuzzball, is one of the stupidest creatures know to man, or so I use to think, until I finally sat down and looked at some salient facts.
Fact 1, stupid though he is, he has out lasted my other 4 cats, out living two cousins, having gotten lost twice and was returned once, and rescued once, and being kept over the preference of the other two European short-hairs-Hades and Zeus. Hummmm
Fact 2, is simply adored by all who sees him, and fussed to death.
Fact 3, we keep buying toys in the vain hope he will play with something longer that two bats of his paw.
Fact 4, he is getting on in age, and was never a spry fellow to begin with, so we keep helping him up on to our various beds, and chairs.
Fact 5, he doesn’t get thrown over the balcony for scratching up the furniture! He gets yelled at, but he just looks at you with the ‘Wha, wha’d I do?” Look, and all is usually forgiven.
Fact 6, we keep feeding him!

So you can feel the question coming here, who is the stupid one, me or him? He can’t help it! And neither can I. He is just so adorable. And yes that is him making himself comfortable is one of my well known famous brand bags!

One thought on “My Cat.

  1. I got 3 cats at home I know the feeling. They bring you joy and tears all in the same day, you can never live without them.

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