Back to Work, after a long break.

Back to Work, after a long break.

I am going back on tour this week, in fact today I am in the process of packing the WG bag for my trip to Ireland to sell my wares.
I did have to reflect on the fact that I have way too much shit I drag round with me, I mean do I really need half the stuff I have packed in my WG bag?
The List:
Make up-Lots of make up! At least 4 different lip glosses-I love lip gloss.
Some clothes
4 pairs of shoes
2 pairs of boots
baby wipes
bathroom cleaner-you would be surprised when this comes in handy
clothes pins
nipple clamps
cock rings
an assortment of paddles, whips, and strap ons
BC pills
various phone chargers
an extra scarf
hair brush

Not to mention with all this crap, I will still forget something, and have to purchase it when I am there! OI! Is it any wonder I am in pain by the end of the tour.
The joys of being a traveling sales woman.

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