Charity Begins at Home

Charity Begins at Home

I am sitting in my bed, feeling like left-overs from a rave party, in other words I am feeling like crap. So, what do I like to do on a Sunday morning feeling like crap or not, is to troll the web looking for stuff, fun, interesting, otherwise. Now like most people who do tend to be totally self observed in our own lives, we hear about things but unless we are directly affected by them we tend to disregard them. So, I am updating my websites for my new upcoming tour, and deciding what will be the special for the Month of February, last month it was OWO included in the hour price, and some small discounts. But this month I have decided to give to charity namely this charity, Haitian Earthquake Response. So, here is the deal this month: “OWO for Haiti” Basically it works like this, OWO is an extra, but I will ask you to make a donation for that extra, which will then go to charity. At the end of my tour I will make the donation, under the name of Violette Dew, with the a Comment: “Friends of Violette”. Now, for those of you who will try to take the piss, and offer 1 euro for charity and receive OWO in return, there is a minimum donation amount, which I will tell you in person.

I know things here in Ireland are tough, but people, you have it good in comparison to the people suffering in Haiti at the moment. So, cum see me, have a bit of fun, and give to charity at the same time. You will have done the deed, and a good deed all at the same time. How is that for feel good factor? Kisses Violette

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