Sixty and Going Strong

Sixty and Going Strong

Patricia Paai is one of the oldest women to be photographed for  Playboy Holland, and she looks fantastic, may we all look this good when we are sixty. It really is amazing how our perceptions about age are changing, I mean think back to 30 years ago, a 60 year old woman was just that, a sixty year old woman, possibly a grand mother, with grown up children, a husband she should have gotten rid of years ago, wrinkles, crows feet, and basically waiting to die between blue rinses. The message was loud and clear, now that  we (men) have used up your good years, by wearing you out with reproduction and jumping on your balloons, go into a corner  fade quietly and quickly. But now, wow women of all ages are reinventing themselves, starting second, third careers, and marriages as well. It is OK to be your age, and reflect your own brand of inner beauty. Enjoy the show.

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