A Note to Those New to DOM.

A Note to Those New to DOM.

There seems to be quite an interest in Dom, and all things fetish as of late. I do see an increase response, and I am getting more requests for a mild Dom session, or a Tie & Tease. And I can only say, bring on the slaves and subs. Smack! But there is also a troubling trend that I am also noticing, one which concerns me. Those neophytes coming in and asking to be dominated, without having a clue of what that term truly means. This is scary. They know the terminology, catch phrases, and sentence structure, and based on this I will determine their experience and the course of treatment and action according to the exhibited experience level. What, I am finding a bit disconcerting is even after the initial introduction and discussion, at about 30 mins into the session you have a sub laying on the floor winching, and screaming for you to stop, because this isn’t what they had had in mind! WTF! Now I know I am not stupid nor am I deaf. So, I do have to ask the question, what part of-“I want you to dominate me, humiliate me, use me as your bitch, fuck me up the ass. Also you can do to me what ever your like, you can smack me, bite me and torture my balls and cock .” Did I misunderstand? GENTLEMEN, YOU DON’T WALK IN TO A DOMINATRIX AND TELL HER TO ‘DO TO ME WHAT YOUR WANT!” You may find yourself in a bit over your head, literally, with her male slave, Tiny, shoving his 10″ rather firm cock up your ass, and you strapped to a table with a gag in your mouth, wonder how the hell your ended up there. When what you wanted was a firm spanking and a shag.

I think the media is in part a bit responsible for this, there is a lot more talk and discussion about the subject of domination, and some popular TV shows have touched upon it, most recently the “Good Wife”,”CSI”, and “Bones”. So of course people googled found a few websites that cater to this and decided this is for them. Only to discover the theory is far different for the reality. I am in the business of applying a firm hand to my subs and slaves, yes they come to me for a good caning, I push their boundaries, pain thresholds, and limits, in a safe consensual environment. I am not here to traumatize some neophyte without a clue, who obtained their experiences from google! That damn search engine has a lot to answer for.

So in closing, gentlemen, from now on, ask for a mild Tie & Tease and go from there.

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