Another Satisfied Customer

Another Satisfied Customer

To say I like Dom is a wee bit of an understatement, I just love the idea of coming up with creative ways to push someones limits, it just appeals to my inner sociopath, it make me feel all warm and cuddly. I will lay in bed at night and devise wickedly delightful things to do to my subs. I was once told by one young man, I was inspired.

I was in Kilkenny getting more and more frustrated by the minute, because the phone was NOT ringing, I mean it was so quiet, I called myself a couple of time to check it was working, yup it was fine, but I wasn’t. I was loosing the will to live as a good friend of mine would say. I packed my bags and headed to Dublin, well we all know how inundated Dublin is with pussy for sale, so I figured my chance of doing much of anything was at best slim, and worst none. So, checked into my apartment, and waited, the phone started to ring, SHOCK. OMG, I had clients calling me! WOW!

Well, to make a long story short, I had one particular gentlemen call who surprisingly enough made my day. He wanted corporal punishment, ok fair enough, I have 2 riding crops, 1 cane , 2 flogs-one large, one small, 1 paddle, and a horse hair whisk. No problem I said. Well, he asked if he could bring his own cane. Ok, impressive! I like a man who knows what he wants to be beaten with, that way we both know the experience will be a fulfilling one.

Well, here are the results of that encounter. He happily skipped home, and called the next day for another session, unfortunately I had already left town.

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