Latte Spoons

Latte Spoons

Anyone who knows me, knows I adore coffee. Be it an espresso, or a sweet milky latte, I love the stuff. But, lately I am beginning to become a bit put off when ordering lattes. The reason being for this sudden aversion, are the spoons. Let me be clearer, the lack of proper spoons for the tall latte cups they are served in. There I am sitting in a nice cool restaurant, having just finished a nice warmed croissant with jam and butter, flakes of pastry all over my fingers, and this lovely masterpiece of gastronomic simplicity is presented before me. A latte, in a lovely ‘v’ shaped tall glass cup, the coffee and milk not having settled produce a graduated effect, the frothy head is a perfect crown. I sigh in contentment, reach for the brown sugar crystals, sprinkle them on top of the forth, wait for them to sink to the bottom of the cup, watching the progress, once everything is settled, I reach for the spoon. This is where it all goes flat. The spoon is a teaspoon, designed for a short squat cup. Consequently after my vain attempt to stir with this spoon it disappears into the latte cup beneath the froth, leaving me with a barely sweetened cup of coffee, sticky fingers and a strong desire to clobber the management. How difficult is it to have slightly longer spoons for lattes?

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