My (mumbles incoherently) birthday is fast approaching, and as I always do, I like to stop and check the milage on the old chassis, ponder the steps I have taken, and the ones still hopefully, left to come. This year is no different, but what I have noticed is I have more of an appreciation for simple things, simple foods, simple places, not simple people, they will always drive me nuts. There is nothing delightful in the village idiot.

Some of the simple things I have come to appreciate are chips/crisps. Potato chips, plain sea salted chips. Kettle chips have this one down perfectly. Potatoes, oil, salt! Sorted! Don’t get me wrong, their other flavors are wonderful, but in some way they miss the point of a potato chip.

Popcorn! Need I say more. Puffy kernels with sea salt!

Oysters, with lemon, and tabasco pepper.

Vanilla, not the artificial stuff most people associate with vanilla, but the sweet subtle flavors from a vanilla pod.

Lavender, fresh grown on my terrace, when door is open and wind is blowing, lovely scent.

Blueberries, never really appreciated these before, friend on last tour made some fresh blueberry pancakes for me, I ate about 6 of them, and kept texting her how much I appreciated them. If they weren’t so small, I wouldn’t mind peeling them and just eating the skin. Note to self, task for domestic slave. 🙂

Truffles! Smelly things that they are, but so delightful and subtle.

Marseilles Soap, brilliant stuff, I can clean just about anything with this stuff, from floors to clothes.

Crisp white, bleached and starched  to within an inch of its life, linen on beds. Nothing like it.

White, couldn’t live with it in a house, but do appreciate it in small doses.

A good kiss. Not the kind that you try to force, but the one that just happens naturally.

A good cafe, that just isn’t trying to be trendy and hip, here I forgive short latte spoons. In all honesty, they aren’t all that bothered if you stay or go.

Book shops, small ones.

Cookies, homemade.

Hamburgers, greasy.

Milkshakes, thick.

Chocolate, for breakfast.

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