I love slaves.

I love slaves.

I absolutely love my slaves, but there is one in particular that is a long time favorite, and for some reason he started to act up, he made an appointment and didn’t show! I didn’t say anything, I just waited. He attempted to make another appointment with me, and I ignored him, why he wasn’t desperate enough. He tried again, again I ignored him. 4 months later he is on the phone, crying and begging. I make him wait another month. He is beyond desperation now. So finally yesterday I decided it was time to see him. I did everything I wanted to him aside from tattoo my name on his ass. That will be the next session. 🙂

One thought on “I love slaves.

  1. Ms. Thing you are crazy! I think I need to get into beating up men as well, so I wont have to resort to doing so in my personal life and get thrown UNDER the jail.

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