Latte revisited and children

Latte revisited and children

Today was a glorious day in my town, and I have to say after getting a pedicure and manicure I decided to pop into the hairdressers for an appointment, well she was totally booked up today, so instead of rushing right home I stopped for a latte at the coffee shop on the corner. The best idea I had today, because it was one of the most delightful lattes I have had in a long time. Smooth, creamy, frothy and rich aromatic coffee. The cream was so thick you could stand the stirrer straight in the glass. I was about to take a sip of this piece of heaven in a glass, when the air was ripped apart by an ungodly yowl. I thought who is hurting some poor animal, again I hear this noise, closer still, so I start searching for the animal to go and help it out of its misery. Then I discovered where that horrendous sound was coming from. It wasn’t from some sick dog, it was from a child, who was basically throwing a tantrum with her adoring parents as the audience. Needless, my concern quickly turned to disdain, and the sudden realization, I really hate kids! I didn’t know who I wanted to slap more, the parents or the annoying noisy little brat ruining my latte experience? Luckily I opted for neither, hurriedly finished my latte and left with the intention of returning another day. I have to say I abhor the abuse of children, but there are times I can appreciate the Florentines of the middle ages, who sent their infants away to be raised in orphanages until they were about 5 years of age, because the wealthy parents didn’t want screaming babies cutting up their peace. Yes, terribly  un-PC, but as long as it was quiet, and they could enjoy their lattes. What’s a little bit of childhood trauma, at least they didn’t have the priest buggering them.

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