The Lost Art of Making an Appointment

The Lost Art of Making an Appointment

I have worked around the world and I must say the art of making an appointment is something that seems to differ from country to country. Which can cause some frustration for the new comer. There are some places where time is more fluid, examples are Jamaica, Africa, South America, India, these cultures seem to use more of an interpretation of time rather than the more linear concrete representation that we in the West use. Be it 6pm, or 18:00-in this part of the world it means generally the same thing, except that is when working in Ireland. For some strange reason, I have noticed an application of both time systems in Ireland, the fluid and the concrete. Now to say nothing of the fact, this causes confusion. Or is it the arena in which these time constructs are being applied, escort appointment=fluid time, doctors appointment=concrete time. Another thing has occurred to me, is it possibly that an escort’s time isn’t as respected as that of a doctors. This I think is really the heart of the matter. The pervading cultural disrespect for the occupation of an escort, this leads to clients feeling that it is open season on making harassing comments and false appointments, or showing up when and where they feel like. And when this type of behavior isn’t accepted, threats and more harassment follows. The fact that this is so widely happening, is a testament to the contempt the person making the appointment has for themselves. Gentlemen, making an appointment and not keeping it, isn’t going to affect my bottom line too much, but it will affect whether you ever get to see my bottom in the future. Keep that in mind before you decide to play silly buggers.

One thought on “The Lost Art of Making an Appointment

  1. I love this one…you said it out very well. Also, the line stating, “it just goes to show what contempt some have of making an appointment have” is even more so.

    And it goes beyond that too, like you said. People feel that not only is our time not important, but also feel that our fees aren’t justifiable. Thats why I am extremely grateful for clients who TIP. Some clients top $10 and others tip $200. or $300. Its a huge boost to my confidence, which people dont understand we need it because the toll of it being shattered can leave a lingering affect. When a client tips, that tells me “I respect you for what you do, and your rate is not a symbol of your worth, but rather my appreciation for what you are doing. And Im willing to go above and beyond that.

    My wish for tonight is, if I ever have to stop escorting…I want my last client to be someone who didn’t haggle my rate or time (which unlike hotels, cars, and plane tickets…is an insult to my self-worth, regardless of the intention.) I would want my last client to be someone who tipped and let me know he actually appreciated what I do, and not just paying simply because my rate says so.

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