I am, as you may already have gathered, in Paris this weekend. Now I have visited Paris many times, and have often heard commented that it would a simply delightful city if it weren’t for the Parisians. Funnily enough, I like the Parisians, they remind me of the New Yorkers. Brash, in your face, and Oh soo French.

I spent the afternoon around the Montmartre area visiting Sacre Coeur, and walking up the 300 stairs to the dome, which provided some fantastic views of the city. This enabled me to try out one of my new birthday presents, a 70-300mm lens! Bloody hell, that thing is impressive.

Saw a lovely old couple making a killing and supplementing their pension with a seriously out of tuned violin and accordion; everyone young and old happily throwing money into the hat.

Found a lovely little home decor store that had the most lovely lamp shades and decided to have a look, well what did I discover? 100g and 150g lead weights, oh now I became quite excited by these, endless possibilities and all. So in my franglais, and her French, we came to a slight discussion. She was quite surprised to discover someone so excited about lead weights; because she used them in her work. She weights down the fittings for the large lamp shades she makes. I smiled, I didn’t have the heart to tell her I would be using them in my work as well, and I would be weighting down fittings, balls, penises and nipples.

5 thoughts on “Toys

  1. For making sure that everything hangs straight, from curtains to cocks – I use those little ring shaped magnets. They stick to each other, whatever clamps I’m using, the fridge, a door handle, etc. Perfect! And they handle much nicer than lead imo, especially when play gets a bit rougher than originally intended.

    ~Mme X~

      1. I tried to find a picture of them *in use*, but couldn’t… but I’m sure you know how to use your imagination 🙂

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