Belle Du Jour-A Thank You………..NOT!

Belle Du Jour-A Thank You………..NOT!

Am I the only hooker on the game who wants to smash their size 8 Christian Loubatains into this females face until she is unrecognisable? I have been on the game for ahem-cough a few years. And never in the whole time of my illustrious career has there been so much attention on us. The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, has every out of work wannabe trollop flinging on a pair of Primark knickers and Office shoes and thinking she is ready to go on the game because she has a pussy. Trying to explain that they are not going to make a grand a day, and that not all clients will look like Brad Pitt, flys right over their heads and hits the back wall.

This series has completely and wrongly glamourised this business to the point that even I didn’t recognise it any more, and was beginning to wonder what planet she was working on? Now, I have had the luxurious holidays with clients, and the fabulous gifts, and the serious high rolling nights of non-stop partying, but they didn’t happen every day, and they didn’t happen every month even. Most of the work we do is grunt work, the normal every day gents who pop over for a half hour of pleasure in a hectic day. They are not handsome, they are not young, and they certainly wouldn’t cause a girl to swoon at their sight. But they are respectful, clean, pay up front, come on time, and skip out happily after the service is over not to be heard from  until the itch hits again. Bless them all.

This over romanticised version of the job we do is simply misleading and damaging when the young woman in question realises that it isn’t all parties with handsome rich men on Aquariva’s. Or worst of all, when the dawning realism hits that SEX is actually involved. Escort is just a euphemism.

Then there is the idea that we are all living this super glamourous life, and driving 60 grand sports cars. We in this business have many levels just like any other profession, there are those ladies who make a mint, and there are those who manage to pay the bills and have a bit extra. Not every singer is Beyonce. And not every escort is BDJ.

Well, hopefully the media will get bored with all this talk of prostitutes and escorts, so we can all get back to the whole point of the exercise, which is having discreet consensual sex and fun between adults.

6 thoughts on “Belle Du Jour-A Thank You………..NOT!

  1. Hi there.. I totally understand what you’re saying, the programme totally glamorises it, but that was itv2 they wanted a funny, quirky programme to kind of make light of it.
    I don’t think belle de jour herself is too keen on it, and her blog didn’t over glamorise it, she spoke honestly about her experience with it.

    I tried escorting, but I was clever enough to know it wouldn’t be how, you, the program or belle in her blog described it, or any other escorts blog I have read, it wasn’t for me, but I think it’s like anything.

    Just because you watch a program with gangsta, murderer, drug dealers in it, doesn’t mean you have it in you to do that.

    The program is fiction, based on a true story, it glamorises it, but girls should have the brains to realise that.


    1. The program is fiction, based on a true story, it glamorises it, but girls should have the brains to realise that.

      When you have worked in this or any other business, you will come to realise that this is NOT the case.

  2. Well. Don’t be shy dear, tell us how you *really* feel.

    Lol, yeah, I don’t really welcome the attention either. However, I’d argue that my life is actually much better than The Secret Diary of Whoever. Yes, most of my work is grunt work answering mundane emails and keeping up with so-and-so and such-and-such’s business travels, checking up on how his or her project went and pretty much “developing mental real estate” (I hate that term, but we use it in the day job office and it is apt) in my boy’s minds. But I can do all that work naked, which is awesome. And no, not all of my clients look like Brad Pitt, but I’m not really one for Brad Pitt anyway and as long as they give me a good workout, I’m happy. Expensive gifts? If I get one more box of chocolates… to be honest I’m allergic to most of them anyway, they go to the neighbors half the time.

    More than the writer, I detest the media and the easily brainwashed public for swallowing the spin hook line and sinker.

    1. Thank you Madame X. 🙂 It might have been the flu speaking through me, channeling all these negative thoughts from beyond. Actually no it wasn’t.
      I too would agree with you that my life is completely better than the artificial capsule she lives in. I mean I get paid to whip the living hell out of people, trample them, spit on the, call them names, and show as much contempt as I can in an hours session. It is the best therapy in the world! There is nothing so sweet as applying a nicely soaked cane to a willing subs quivering pink bottom. 😀 Absolutely brilliant. How many people can say they have that kind of job satisfaction? It is like playing dress up all day long.

      Oh the media! Where does one start with them? The public believes what they are told as if it is being issued for the Mount. They are socialized to listen to authority figures, believe what they read in books and see on television. It is hopeless to trying to make them think about an issue for themselves, when all the facts aren’t presented.

  3. It’s funny that you say that: I met a client the other week while I was in Salt Lake City that royally spoiled me: he was muscular, attractive and blew me away. Well I kept expecting the next client and the next client to show appearing like him and although I won’t say disappointed, it’s just a reality that we cannot expect every client to show up looking like him.

    1. Hey pumpkin, how you doing? 🙂 This is indeed true, they all won’t be dream clients, or look like Greek Gods, but as long as they are clean and nice. Hey half my job is done.
      xx Violette

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