The Daily Sport RIP-Well, not just yet.

The Daily Sport RIP-Well, not just yet.

Ah, The Daily Sport, that tabloid tell-all tattler with the most bizarre stories on the planet and the cheek to blatantly show the knickers of wannabe starlets is no more. RIP Sport! Did I cry, damn skippy I did as when working in the UK it amounted to about 40-52% of my income. Its demise was the main reason I stayed in Ireland for as long as I did, losing the will to live and contemplating thoughts of homicide, with longing looks cast at wheely bins as a means to dispose of the bodies should the need arise. It of course was the Easter holidays, which accounted for the quietness of the over all tour.

So, I turned my UK phone back on and as I was listening to the voice mail, I heard a glorious thing! The Sport, is apparently back. Well, not completely back, but in a resurrected form as such, it will only be available on Sunday, stay on the stands till Tues, and the ads will cost 45 Pound for what is in essence a whole weeks advertising. Not bad, considering it used to be 30 pound a day! The distribution is limited as well to only the UK, not NI yet!

Now I like everyone out there knows that there is a certain seedy element to the Sport, but it was necessary in certain markets, where access to the internet wasn’t an option-the trail it leaves. The Sport has the advantage of being easily disposable, available around the country, cheap, and once you were done, no one need know.

So, I am looking forward to have this second avenue of advertising, because as another escort has said, it would be silly to place all your advertising eggs in one basket. Just as the Sport almost disappeared, so can the internet advertising we all take for granted go the same way.

The Sunday Sport returns May 8 to newsstands. I have charged my phone, and am eagerly awaiting the first : ‘I have seen your ad in the paper, can I have some details?”

4 thoughts on “The Daily Sport RIP-Well, not just yet.

  1. You’ve got to love the kitsch factor of newsprint sometimes – when I lived in NY I used to love advertising in the Village Voice every few months as well. Of course, I kept a separate phone for those ads, one that I could turn off whenever I got annoyed, because it was bound to happen somewhere around 5am. But every time my day needed a kick in an interesting direction, there I would go, turn on the phone, and see what kind of whack job was on the other end. There were good people there too, mostly with fascinating backstories that led them to be wandering around the city clutching a free newspaper in the middle of the night. The spontaneity of it just ads so much more excitement!

    1. Yes annoying isn’t the word to describe some of the people that call you sometimes. 🙂 But also, you would get some really lovely older gents whose idea of a mouse is a small furry rodent, that nests in your closet. They wouldn’t know where to begin to find an escort on the web. But as you say, it fills in the days when the other advertising avenues are slow. So, we shall see how it all goes. 🙂

  2. Lol! I’m in the states, so rather than older gents who can’t navigate the maze of review sites and contact forms, the newspaper here brings the paranoid (sometimes for good reason) men who want and need to minimize their digital footprint. Either way, the paper does serve its purpose!

  3. We used to have craigslist here in the U.S. which really helped with getting bookings. But now that’s gone, it’s the most irritating and ineffective which also does print in local newspapers that I have not yet tried.

    Since craiglist has gone down I’ve still been able to make money traveling, but at home the $200 and $300 clients eventually fade off and around this time last year craigslist always kept me steady.

    But now that backpage is the only thing to fall back on, I get call after call but they never book because they want stuff for 80 and 100 bucks. It’s proven to be ineffective.

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