It has indeed been awhile…

It has indeed been awhile…

since I posted to my blog. There have been a multitude of reasons for this, one of which was I just couldn’t be bloody asked! Yup, that is right, yours truly Robo-ho as a dear friend of mine calls me, has finally decided to access her inner Zen-ho and chill for a bit.  Yes me, the up-24hrs-a-day-7-days-a-week-jetsetting-ho has decided to chill. And guess where? DUBAI!

With the Burj Khalifia tower wizzing by as I sit in the air condition first class compartment on the METRO!  That is correct they have a first class on the Metro! I have come to realize I am working way too hard! I have been putting up with clients whose idea of an escort is becoming closer akin to a smacked out street walker in an apartment with a vibrator in all orifices. Where the de rigueur list of standard services has expanded to include things what are usually only whispered about and come with a hefty price tag, not shouted down the phone in an annoying demanding fashion as if it is a god given birthright. When, trying to maintain the little bit of patience I don’t possess I decline some initialism I have never heard about; the shocked reaction and the incredulity with which the very idea, that I would say no, causes the neanderthal at the other end of the line to hurl abuse and hang up in an offended fashion. E-FUCKING-NOUGH! Some where along the way the idea of providing a service for a fee has become confused with selling ones soul to any idiot who could muster up a few quid. So, to say that I have had enough of rude, un-hygenic, inconsiderate men who seem to think one hole is as good as the other has reached a point, where even I with the understanding of the most perverse peccadilloes can’t stand the idea of popping on her knickers anymore.

I am not bitter, as can happen to some of the members of the sisterhood,  I have decided to look at other venues and what I discovered is this: I like being in a place where the coolest daytime temperature is 22. I like the fact that people are happy to provide a service, and do it with a smile. I like the idea of public bathrooms with enough room you can actually turn around in. I love the fact that dinner time is about 10pm, and that you can go and have a proper sit down meal at 4 in the morning. But most of all, I like the fact that the client knows the meaning of the words-escort, extra, & no!

So while, I sort out what bikini to wear to the pool today, gentlemen in the UK and Ireland realize something, most of the true independents have left in plane loads. And all those other ‘independents’ you think have replaced us are mostly agency escorts who are as interchangeable as light bulbs. Just as long as a shag doesn’t cost you more than the weekly shopping, your conscience can justify anything.

2 thoughts on “It has indeed been awhile…

  1. A change of place sounds like a wonderful idea. How are you liking Dubai? I have several friends over there, and they appear to be enjoying themselves, so no doubt you’re having much fun as well 🙂

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