A Mystery is Solved

A Mystery is Solved

As to why men are incapable of reading and looking at pictures at the same time:

As posted by Simo22:

1/ An instant decision is made on seeing a profile picture. (yes she is attractive or No she isnt attractive)
2/ No attraction to the ladys picture results in the hunter moving on to the next profile.
3/ Instant attraction causes the release of chemicals in the brain which prevent logic, rationale & thought.
4/ This also results in a blood rush to the penis which results in it taking control of decision making processes.
5/ By now, the hunter is reduced to a ‘me want woman’ mentality.
6/ In this state, the total information read by our boy is now “how much 4 how long”
7/ There is no processing of information and no application of knowledge.
8/ Details like availability, location, services offered and booking details simply dont exist for our caveman.
9/ Using his wallet to get satisfaction now is like his ancestors using clubs back then.
10/ Obviously, not all men are like this (certainly not me) but I am sure this will ring bells with some people.
or is it just me?


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