The true cost of an out call.

The true cost of an out call.

To be blunt about it, I absolutely hate out calls. There is so much than can go wrong. Anything from the client being drunk and letting their dicks dial for them, falling asleep before you arrive, deciding to ‘enhance’ themselves to the point of having pupils so dilated they are invisible, someone could be in the house, the wife/gf/the parents could come back! To it being a completely wrong address, even after searching for it in Google and verifying things several times. It can be totally a debacle.

But the first thing I hate about them, is all the preparation that goes into getting ready for one. I have to remove myself from an environment I am familiar with, having had the space set up for that exact purpose of entertaining. I have secured items, I have control of the room, I direct the clients where to place things, I have a view of things at all times. Control freak that I am this is important. Not to mention I have security measures in place if needed in the event something starts to go wrong. Plus, I also know that my towels are clean, because I have either just laundered them, or I have them from the hotel linen cart. Same thing goes for the sheets on the bed. This is important!

I also have to get dressed up, and made up, packed up and travel to their place. Let’s just say I have learned to be the queen of the standing shag, because I have refused to let my bare ass touch anything in their bedroom. One gentleman when asked, when his sheets were last changed, replied, “Ahhhhhhh.” That was too long for me, so I made him change them on the spot! Or other delights like brown stained sheets! EEERRRGGGGGG! Or my personal favorite, a pile of stiff used tissues on the floor by the side of the bed! The list goes on.

But the thing I dislike most is that fact, if you are stood up by some idiot who’s idea of fun is calling an escort to knock on his neighbor’s door, is the fact that I could miss other business. Because trust me, your phone will sit silent all day, until you are halfway to your appointment(he will live in the middle of no where). The phone will ring  and  3 people will all want to come to your place in the next 20minutes! In my business time is money. Glamorous ain’t it?

2 thoughts on “The true cost of an out call.

  1. I don’t mind outcalls…but when I am royally annoyed to do outcalls is when I’ve traveled upwards of 1,000 miles to a city, got a very cute hotel in a convenient part of town, settled in…with a take-out order and gotten comfortable and suddenly I get a outcall request. ARRRRRRGH!

    One time, I turned down an extra $100 that I would have gotten for doing the outcall because a client showed up for a half-hour incall at the hotel I was staying in.

    My apartment can always host an incall, but when I’m paying by the day for a hotel…dammit I better not have to do any outcalls!

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