New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

I make them every year, and by the end of January, all good will goes out the window, not to mention my world-famous patience. Why do we feel the need to put extra pressure on ourselves? Especially at a time during the year when the last thing you wish to do is change a light bulb much less undertake a new course, or a new training regimen.

I think it all has to do with that pesky number 1! In our culture we love this number, the first, the numero uno, the one the only. Your first love, first kiss, first time, first-born. Some how there is this mystical magical attribute that being no.1 seems to have in our collective subconscious. Personally I think the whole being number one is slight over rated.

My first love, oh please I was 7, my first kiss was sloppy, my first time was not that memorable, my first and only born sealed the deal for no further siblings.  Firsts are just that, the initial beginning of something to be used as a launching point to build on experiences. Not to be the end all be all of a life experience.

So, tomorrow is the first of January 2012, it is a day to mark the beginning of a new year, a stepping point to great experiences. A launching pad to new things, so don’t let the pressure of it being the first day of the year weigh you down with burdensome promises you don’t intend to keep, projects you will not finish, nor activities you will only loathe after halfheartedly starting them.

Let tomorrow be a day of reflection on you past accomplishments and future desires. Or you could just recover from the previous nights hangover. Whichever way you decide to spend the day, remember you have the extra boon of having 365 days more (leap year) to contemplate taking that class, starting that project, or simply just doing nothing.

Happy New Year!

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