I think I am a guilty pleasure.

I think I am a guilty pleasure.

Well, I am aware that visiting an escort can definitely be classified as a guilty pleasure. Or in some cases depending on the religious background of the person just plain guilt. My Irish Catholic patrons are especially grand at the remorse thing after coitus. I have even gone so far as to tell one gent, “Let me shag you a second time so you will be rendered speechless by the guilt and shut up about it.” I was having  ‘not necessarily’ a good day.

What I mean when referring to being to ‘being a guilty pleasure’ is, I think there are more vanilla readers out there having a wee peek at my blog! Not that I find the surprising, but it was surprising. Strange I know, it is 3 in the am, don’t expect clarity from me at this time.

How I came to this conclusion was when I noticed the  ‘Like’ button in my upper toolbar glowing an odd orange. I have been getting a few more people looking and ‘liking’ my blog or an article I have written, and when clicking on the button to see who they were, low and behold, lovely vanilla people, from outside ‘the life’ as they say. And they too have some interesting blogs, that deal with loads of wonderful subjects.

So while I may represent a bit of a guilty pleasure to them, they represent a slice of the everyday for me. Long my we ‘Like’ each others blogs.

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