This is past being a pet peeve, this is in the territory of me getting violent, wanting to break off the end of a champagne glass and ram it into the jugular of the offending cretin. WHY, OH WHY! Would anyone think biting my nipple, or any other sensitive part of any woman’s anatomy is sexy, sensual, or turns us on? How can the moron think chomping down on my bits isn’t going to warrant me slapping them? And when they get this reaction, me smacking them besides the head, they look at me in shock and can’t understand what they have done. They seem to think they are being sexy, I am ready to kill.

What happens to some men when they are in a sexual situation? They have either been watching to many porn movies and think anything that can be done to a porn ACTRESS, I can do to a woman? Or is it because I am an escort, and the thoughts run to, oh I am paying her, so I can do what-ever?!

Which ever the case, boys your teeth are for chewing your food, or getting knocked out by your friends on a Saturday after a night of excessive drinking at the pub, not for biting on me.

Rant over!

2 thoughts on “I HATE BEING BITTEN!

  1. I’m sure your nipples are quite lovely, like ripe dark berries that just beg to be devoured. Like all of natures works, women are different – and I myself love having my nipples nibbled. Still, it’s one of those things where a gentleman should *ask* first, I would think, or else risk finding themselves impaled on a stiletto, or in your case, a champagne flute 🙂

    1. In the right settings a lovely little nibble can be a nice thing, not a full out frontal assault involving all incisors and a few bicuspids. Also, it helps if they set the mood, get a girl mellowed, not drunkenly fall upon her, grab breast and bite. I think alcohol sometimes causes men to revert to children, and not the well behave variety either.

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