Text Message Du Jour

Text Message Du Jour

The network providers have a lot to answer for, all these bloody free texts allow for idiots, with time on their hands to send texts to escorts, such as the following:

Hi my names john text back

I didn’t respond, so he sent this:

Sorry 2 text you from john wood love Tork 2 your please text me back have big dick

Well, how can a girl resist such a lovely worded invitation? I mean all my problems are solved, because he has a big dick. Still ignoring him, I get this:

Sorry 2 test you from john wish i cod Tork 2 you hope your single cod your husband or boyfriend dont in mad me text you please text back i am nice guy just very lonely

Jesus wept! And so am I with laughter, for the love of god, how in the space of three texts we go from him saying hi to wanting to be my boyfriend, or husband? Good grief. I guess he thinks he had me at big dick.

To finally this one:

Hi what you doing now tell me Anser back 2  this text please Xxxxxxx

I really don’t think so. It would be best for everyone.

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