I have meet Mrs. Doubtfire

I have meet Mrs. Doubtfire

And he/she is an escort! Yes, indeed he/she is, and they are alive and living in Scotland.

Envision, a tall, blond, blue eyed rather good looking young man of about 25, deep baritone voice, and escort and gay. We are having lunch and chatting, then his phone rings, and before my eyes is gone the young man to be replaced with his female alter ego. I almost choke on my lunch, and have to get up and leave the table for fear of bursting out in hysterical laughter. Before me sits my male companion chatting to a client in a lovely falsetto female voice. The mind is boggled!

You see my friend is a guy, who works as a male gay escort, a TV, and pretending to be a TS! Confused? You are not the only one.

But apparently according to him, men prefer to think he is a chick with a dick, instead of a guy in drag. Men are indeed some strange creatures.

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