We are told almost on a daily basis not to judge people based on stereotypes, because it is wrong. It isn’t a good way to interact with people, bla, bla, bla. Now I try not to judge people based on preconceived notions, but sometimes you just have to give into your inner prejudging demon and go there.

Example: I received an out call, rather early in the morning from a land line(broke rule about land lines), ok took the booking, client gave mobile number, with the codicil attached to the end of his answer to why he was calling from a land line-his mobile phone was out of credit(he is booking an escort for 200 an hour and doesn’t have enough phone credit?) By now under normal circumstances I would have told sweet cheeks to get his priorities straight. Ok, got dressed, called taxi, called client to let him know I am on the way, instructed him to have money in cash to give to me upon arrival, said all was ok. Took taxi to what can only be said wasn’t the best part of town to a highrise(highrises in some parts of the world, not good). Didn’t know this until I arrived. But again, willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, walked up to the iron clad door with the plexiglass slits showing, instead of glass. (Glass doors just scream decent neighborhood, don’t they? ) Rang bell, entered to a hall way that hadn’t seen the touch of a broom in many moons, same for the lift. Now by this time, my alarm bells are a-ringing a tattoo in my ears. Get to the floor, go to apartment, what stands before me? Young guy dress in a tracksuit! Oh wait for it, with a dog! Not just any kind of dog, but yes the stereotypical, drug-dealer-wanna-be-standard, a Stafford/Pitbull bitch! Then the faithful words roll of his tongue, do you want some blow? It took all my professionalism to not roll my eyes, as I tallied up all the things about this situation which had I stuck with my preconceived notions about certain types of clients and stereotypes, I wouldn’t be in this persons apartment  feeling the urge to be hosed down by a man in a has-mat suit as if exposed to large amounts of toxic substances. This was followed by, his friend would be back in 10mins with the money. My queue to exit.

There were too many things about the situation that had I stuck to my acquired knowledge about client types and stereotypes, I would have been safely in my nice apt having a cuppa.

We in our modern society have this over-whelming urge to be seen as being modern and oh so PC, when in actually we are making judgements about the world around us based on ancient programing.

There are just things that are true in my line of work:

All black men don’t have big dicks(but some white guys do as well). Usually the best dressed clients are the cheapest bastards(sometimes they are generous to a fault). The cutest, sexiest guy you would shag for free, wants the biggest dildo up his bum(and sometimes he just wants to shag you senseless)! And tracksuit wearing, Stafford owners, with no credit on their mobiles, who live in tenement flats don’t have 200 quid to spend on an escort(and sometimes even these will surprise you)! Stereotypes, sure but there has to be some truth in there somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. Wow. My Pitbull princess disapproves of this post. A shame, as she generally adores black women… dogs are horrendously tied to their stereotypes, aren’t they? I’ve tried getting her to be more open minded, but she sees only what she wants to see about life, I’m afraid. Can’t blame her overly much, she is a dog after all.

    The stereotypes men saddle on the women who work as we do are equally as bad, and would probably make a man want to greet you with his dog (btw, the dog may be trained not to let you into the house unless she meets you at the door – it’s her house, after all.), and leave his money in the hands of a trusted friend to make sure that you didn’t come in with your pimp and tear his place up before taking off, betting that if you were up to no good you’d probably show your true colors in about 10 minutes or so. Of course we know you’re not like that, but perhaps he didn’t. He might have figured that since you left so quickly after discovering that someone else knew his whereabouts and would be arriving, that you were going to run outside and tell your thugs to call off the heist!

    I would have just stayed home, myself.

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