Designer Premiers

Designer Premiers

I currently find myself in Belfast at the same time that the Marni collaboration with H&M is premiering. Oh gosh, those silk dresses look divine, and oh the accessories are delicious. So, at 6 this morning I am up, showered, bag packed, breakfasted, cab ordered, H&M please. It is now 7:30 at this time, and I am going to be in the coveted group of shoppers, the ones who are in that 9:10-9:20 time slot. The holy grail of time slots that a girl would kill for at a premier of a designer collection. I am excited, my heart is beating, my mouth is dry. I arrive at the H&M store, at 7:40 on the dot, and there is no one in front of the store! Am I at the right store. Yes, I am  the collection is in the window. WTF is everyone? Don’t they grasp that this is a designer collection premier? Nope, not in Belfast. Ok Bloody hell what am I to do now? I am not standing in front of that store like the lone idiot with no call. So I scuttle off to Starbucks for a Tall Soya Spicy vanilla latte, with whip cream. I will need my energy. This is designer premier shopping, there will be queues! Right? No! I returned at the rather civilised time of 8:30, there were a few ladies in line. All of us were in the coveted red arm band group. Quite comfortably in time to get our hands on all the sizes we wanted. It was almost anti climatic. Until they took the barrier down, and all those little civilised Belfast ladies turned into hopping demons. There wasn’t much hair pulling, but it was exciting trying to get the few accessories and exchanging sizes with people.

Items purchased:

Long silk print dress

white duo bracelet set

flower necklace

triple strand necklace in red

bracelet in red and white with strass

earrings red and green clip on

large black necklace

striped leggings

cotton ethnic print  top

All in all a very satisfying morning of shopping. Sighs with contentment and goes off to play with new items.

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