Stupid questions.

Stupid questions.

Client: “Oh, there is a recession out there, why is your price so high?”

Me: “Obviously there isn’t one in your household, as you can still afford to visit escorts.”


Me: “Develop a personality, shag your wife for free, and then you will save loads.”

Client: “Why don’t you do bareback? All the other escorts do it.”

Me: “Then why don’t you go the them? Oh, yeah they have all probably died of some disease, since encountering you.”




Yes, this is what my daily interactions with clients have been reduced since the recession. Fucking brilliant. I am losing the will to get sussied, and dressed if these are the cretins I am having to deal with.

One gent made the mistake of asking me to castrate him. And then he mentioned the price! seriously! I told he at those rates, I would pull it off with my teeth for fecking free, just to watch him bleed to death for being such a moron. Funny he didn’t call back.

This moronic behaviour is rendering any good humour or understanding I might have had at the fact that a client is having a bit of a financial issue, void and null. I am no longer interested in how fucking bad you have it. Seriously! Naaaa, try that shit with some desperate foreign escort who comes from a country where a 20 quid shag is the norm. If you can manage to pick up a phone and call me, be prepared to pay my rates. They are not up for discussion, now or never. If your household is affected, then I suggest you develop a personality, and shag your wife! Stop bothering me with you witless bleating about how fucking bad you have it. This is a luxury item, if you cant afford it, do without or save up!

3 thoughts on “Stupid questions.

  1. I hear you… When did we stop getting excited about beautiful events with beautiful people? When did I start turning my nose up at first class travel? We just need more fun friends to enjoy things like that with, its really no fun alone/with boring client…
    JDM xxx

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