Well, that is me fucked!

Well, that is me fucked!

Sweet divine mother of Jesus, I have had the stuffings shagged out of me! I have never worked in a country where men are this good looking and can fuck like experts. I mean seriously. My pussy is sore, not from rough treatment, but from climaxing so damn much. I have never in my entire working life had this many orgasms! It is getting to the point of, “not again!” is the battle cry as I climax yet again under the deft expert attention being paid to my bits; by yet another hot horny hunky Norwegian man. Hell, even the short fat ugly ones are fucking sex gods. Lord have his mercy, I think I can safely say I am shagged out! I have had my reserve tank of sexual wantoness tapped. Didn’t think it could happen, but there you go.

Then there is the personal dick. These are the ones I shag for fun. Yes, even with all the sex I am getting from work dick I will order in personal cock for some fun and games. The difference is the mind set. I can turn off Violette-watching-your-ass-incase-the-client-does-something-stupid-mode, and relax. And lord have his mercy, these boys are just talented. I have had three encounters with three luscious hunks, and all three have exceeded this pro girls expectations of what the average civie man has to offer. Civie men can, unfortunately be less than interesting in bed, sorry lads, but some are lacking in so many areas. Technique doesn’t begin to enter the question, you have to get past looks, fitness or the lack of, experience, and a host of other issues. So to encounter three different men with techniques, I can attest to being well above par, in the space of a long weekend. Is in my estimation a minor miracle. Yes, I shagged them over to 3-day weekend in between working! Hey, what can I say, I can juggle like no other.

So, I will lament my lovely Vikings, and hurry back to the arms of Thor and his cohorts as soon as I am back from vacation. Hell, I need the rest!

8 thoughts on “Well, that is me fucked!

  1. OMG, it looks like my little black booty is going to have to get to Norway! I could use a few Vikings right about now 🙂

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