The Escort Who Stole Breakfast

The Escort Who Stole Breakfast

This is rather embarrassing, but somehow I have unwittingly stolen breakfast. How does one steal breakfast, well something along the lines of this:
Hungry escort needing nourishment, pops into the nearest hotel to her apartment, lets say the a rather large international chain. I ask the reception where breakfast was being served, so into the restaurant I pop. It is a buffet, goody. I look around for staff, none to be had. So I figure I will help myself, and settle up later. The problem is later never came! Apparently, breakfast is included in the price of the room, kinda like the bed I suppose. Well considering how expensive everything else is in the place, I guess they can afford to give breakfast away.

No one came over and asked me anything, I then cheekily, pack myself a rather nice lunch for later on in the afternoon. Bad escort, but hell if they are give away free food, far be it from me to turn it down.

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