I Blame Social Media

I Blame Social Media

Twitter, this is your fault! Look at the mess we have now! What mess an I referring to? I know there are so many to chose from. But this particular one, involves the CIA! Yes, that mess. Why? You ask? Am I the only one who thinks it odd that the CIA has suddenly become accessible? They are actually cracking jokes in public and on a social platform! Orwell, would have an aneurysm.

I don’t know about you, but I personally like my nation’s clandestine organizations to remain well, you know, clandestine? lurking in the background, up to no good and other skulduggery. Snippets of vague mentions in newspapers, or hushed conversations, conspiracy theories. It is the social order of things, it is the status quo. But, but, but this OPENNESS, from a secret international organisation! Obviously this must be some not so secret information gathering exercise. If Mossad and MI6 start tweeting, I am deleting my twitter account and moving into the forest! With a generator for my Nespresso machine. Let’s not get completely ridiculous about this now. 😉

One thought on “I Blame Social Media

  1. LMFAO Reading your blog makes me very attractive to you, even though I have never seen any images of you or read any review about you. Keeping your stories coming … and you’ll have me … well, … you know … doing the same. 😉

    I just decided to search for any photos of you and I found some, very easily. Up to this point, I really didn’t need to see what you look like, since I enjoyed your posting without knowing you. You’re images are sooo F’ing Sexy, that I better get back to work, or there will be a very explosive eruption soon. 😉 Well … maybe I’ll just have another peek at your images since I’m not busy for the next several hours and it will be a great way to knock myself out before I go to sleep with a BIG smile on my face. Sweet Dreams! I know I will tonight. 🙂

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