Boy Band Hair

Boy Band Hair

Right, I don’t know if it is the water where I currently am, or the general area, but Southern Hemisphere boys are hot! I mean these lads are smoking! Just so fecking manly! Let’s say I am having fun. 😉

But lately, I seem to have an abundance of rather young guys wafting through my door, all with boy band hair. You know that I-just-got-out-of-bed-look, that actually takes about 2 hours of careful manipulation to achieve? Casually swept across the forehead in elegant nonchalance. That hair!

And I mean young! I am actually carding them, they look so young. I almost am starting to feel like a dirty old woman. Almost! Because these boys have skills! And good ones too. What the hell are they doing to be so well damn good in bed at their age? Men twice their age could be taught a few things from these young luscious creatures. Yummy.

Oh and you should hear the compliments they are paying me! Now normally I just brush these thing off and shrug, but they are starting to go to my head. I like being told how beautiful my bits feel. Or how lovely they think my face is. It is a seriously heady ego boost. I even have one cheekily chatting me up! I am in utter shock! He is offering to come by after work and have a shower with me! I should be shot, I am actually thinking entertaining the idea. Bad escort!

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