The Sangeeta Library

The Sangeeta Library

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The Sangeeta Library

My name is Danny Roe and I am a eunuch or what we are better known as in India──a Hijra. However, I’m very different from the regular eunuchs of India who beg on the streets and at times enter into prostitution to earn a living. I work on my own. I’m a Hijra who owns a library which deals in second hand books. Therefore one can certainly say that I am a librarian of the ‘Sangeeta Library’ in Bandra East.

My parents knew from my birth that I was a eunuch but they accepted me and brought me up as their son. However, I preferred the female gender as I grew up and liked to dress myself in skirts and tank tops. I would in the privacy of my home wear make-up and paint my nails. My father and mother were intellectuals and so they accepted even…

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