I really feel sorry for men.

I really feel sorry for men.

I wouldn’t want to be a modern man, seriously. The poor bastards have it hard. I read a article that absolutely infuriated the shit out of me. It was about an insecure stain of manhood being glad that his wife had lost her job, because that made him feel manly again and she needed him! It made me physically sick to read how this writer couldn’t handle a women being more successful than him.

Seriously, how the hell can I as a successful woman want to have one of the useless and pointless emotional sacks of issues in my space? I can not tell you how many guys have fallen for me said they accept my work, and then decide they want me to stop! Awwww, this wasn’t the agreement. And then when I put forth the blindingly rational point of, how the hell are you going to support me, when you are earning half my income? I get we will make do! So, I must give up my very nice income to struggle and make do, because his stunted ego can’t handle me working? Fuck that!

As a woman who has in most of my working career earned more than a man, I don’t think of him as any less because he doesn’t have the same income as me. Income isn’t directly proportional to worth, but for a man it is. Sad really. Some of them I would have like to have kept. They reminded me of my cat, all furry, clumsy, laying about scratching themselves, looking lost and confused, cuteness personified.

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