Violette the Escort

Who am I? I am an escort, prostitute, whore, prossie, fallen woman, just to name a few of my job titles.  I am ‘that kind of woman’ your mother probably warned you about. But, what she didn’t tell you, was I would be intelligent, sexy as hell, and oh so hard to resist. In other words forbidden fruit, and we all know about boys and their fruit. The stuff books, movies, and blogs are written about.

I am also a mother, a daughter, a sister,  an auntie, a cousin, a girlfriend, a wife, a friend, a pet owner, a business woman, a traveling sales woman, whatever you choose to call me, my name is Violette, and welcome to my garden.

I sell sex, a fantasy, a moment of pause in an otherwise busy hectic day, I offer a moment of release, an opportunity to self indulge. Who doesn’t want that?

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