The World Cup, Toys, and Cafes

The World Cup, Toys, and Cafes

Ok, where to start? The long and he short of it is, I went shopping and ended up watching the WC.

It originally wasn’t my intention to get drawn into the whole WC madness, I pride myself on being and individual with a strong resistance to the herd mentality. That is until I need a drink, went into a small cafe, and realized it was bedecked in orange with the Dutch flag flying outside, realization dawned too late it was WC Monday! Holland were playing Denmark.

Oh shit! Quietly leave, and face hordes of drunk Nederlanders, or stay and watch the game? Think quick V! My stomach made the decision for me, as a wonderful tuna salad sandwich, destined for someone else, passed in front of my nose my hungry tummy gave a rather unladylike growl, and that was it. I tucked my Mr. B’s bag of goodies between my legs, which contained: a 10mm bamboo cane; G5 Russian gas mask with canister; amyl nitrite; 15m rope; a paddle with tacks; a box of black latex gloves, and ordered.

Now for those of you familiar with my love and adoration for DOM, will know of what I speak when I mention Mr. B’s. For those of you who do not, let me just say it is one of my favorite shops on the Warmostraat, a street in Amsterdam’s famous Redlight district. It has toys galore, whips, floggers, butt plugs ranging in size ‘oh may’ to ‘OH MY!’ Lovely stuff, it makes a Dom all warm and fuzzy with anticipation of the tortures she can inflect on her willing sub. 

So there I am sitting in this cafe with a lovely latte, a half a pint of Strongbow, and a joint in front of me. Hey I am in Amsterdam, some people carry cigarets, I carry joints. Funnily you can smoke a joint in a bar, but not a cigarette. Go figure, the Dutch have some wonderful rules for things. The a thought strikes me,“Oh Fuck, Fuckity Fuck, fuck, fuck! What the hell do I do now? I haven’t a clue who half the people on the pitch are? I did recognize the Dutch, thankfully they were wearing orange.”

As the game got into the swing of things, I borrowed the face paint, and somehow it ended up being rubbed on the top of my left breast. Joints and Strongbow are to blame.

All and all it was a cracking good day, Holland won, Cameroon lost, and Italy tied. But by the time I got to this game, I couldn’t have cared less.

My New Photos

My New Photos

Just back from London yesterday. I went to get a new set of photos from my official photographer Joe K, The shoot was held in a lovely Country House/photo studio in Surrey, it was quite elegant. At one point during the application of my make up, I could see foxes running around in the back yard. I didn’t have my camera with me, so no pics. I am planning another shoot in the summer, so hopefully I will get to see the new family additions. Ohh baby foxes. Anyway enough about furry creatures and here are some of the results of that shoot, enjoy:

Something to show I love you.

Something to show I love you.

I am now the proud owner of a horsehair fly whisk, from one of London’s more prestigious houses for the riding set. I was just drooling over the riding gear in the shop, they were just lovely and well made. I wish I had more gentlemen interested in proper pony play, or at least letting me tryout my new riding toys on them. <Sighs>

This lovely new toy would be used at the end of a flogging session, as it leaves a light almost unnoticeable sensation on the skin, akin to an after thought. So wailing on someone in the beginning of the session with it, will leave them unimpressed, but after solidly working them over for the better part of an hour, priming the skin, raising the blood to the surface, then applying with light deft wrist flicks, the fly whisk. Bliss! I think the gentlemen in question will leave with a new appreciation of what it means to be ‘ridden hard’. Oh, I can’t wait to try this out. Any volunteers?

I Went Shopping For Supplies.

I Went Shopping For Supplies.

It was a rainy Saturday in The Dam, and since I am popping over to London on Mon and Tues, for a photo shoot with my favorite photographer Joe, I decided I needed some props for said shoot. So, called up a taxi and popped down to RL district to pick up some necessary goodies. The streets are crowded with TOURISTS! ARGGGGGG!!!! I hate bloody tourists! They haven’t a clue how to walk, will randomly stop in the middle of the street, and start pointing and gawking at stuff, that to be honest I have become complacent about. So there is a shop that only sells condoms, and further down the road a couple that sells some serious gay bondage stuff, Rob, and Mr.B’s . This is no reason to stand in front of the door and stare. They should just return back to their vanilla lives and let a girl get on with her shopping.

Anyway, I did get some new and yummy things:

1. Black rope. That soft lovely nylon stuff that feels like silk. Oh, the fun I will have with this stuff.

2. A Riding Crop. Not further explanations needed.

3. New Inflatable dildo larger size. I have the baby version of this, and decided I need to get the mama size, daddy size will be next.

4. 2 bags black Latex gloves, I ran out on my last tour.

5. Black condoms. I love these, for the reason they are so easy to find on white bed linen. Plus, the contrast against white skin is a turn on for some gentlemen and for me at times. 🙂

6. New leather collar.

7. New bright bubble gum pink dildo

8. An Intimate Massager

9. Adjustable gummy cock rings

10. French Maids Outfit.

11. Stockings, and hold ups.

12. For my foot fetish guys, a new pair of open toed blingy high heeled sandals.

I am so looking forward to trying out my new toys. 😀

New Toys!

New Toys!

‘A toy, every girl must have a toy…” To partially quote Missy Elliott. And WOW, I know what she means. As I was stumbling through the red light district in Amsterdam, I happened upon a sex shop! Shock, Gasp, Surprise!! Well, not really, this is after all Amsterdam. Sexshops abound, but these were two of the more interesting ones. And what did I discover in them, but some seriously lovely vibrators and dildos. I mean top end stuff here, in terms of materials used, design, and usability.

Sinfive makes some of the of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing sex toys I have ever seen. At first glance, they appear to be objects d’art, something you would display on the mantle, but these are some of the best toys I have ever used. The Ilo has about roughly 6 incremental speeds, and 3 random speeds. The intensity of the vibrations from these vibrators are almost numbing. In addition to the fantastic design, the feel of them is incredible, firm yet yielding. What every girl wants in her toys, silicon or human. 🙂 But best of all, the thing that caused me to pick up several items from this range, were the colors. They have names like, Candy floss, Raspberry, and Milk! This line is not your cheap mass produced throw-away items. These are toys you will treasure for years, and with the 5 year guaranty, you are looking at many nights of pure pleasure.

Fun Factory makes the most delightfully shaped items, another one of my personal favorites and the ones I bought, were the Good Vibrations G-Twist semi realistic ribbed jobie in baby pink! Oh it is so sweet( the color), you just want to eat it. The color is reminiscent of cotton candy, but that is where the similarity to any thing sweet and sugary ends. This baby is a seriously well crafted machine for pleasure. It has a multi directions variable speed dial. Left handed or right handed, it still works! Oh and how it works. The ribs are just divine, and because it is tapered, it works also rather nicely for anal stimulation. (BLISS) The other one is a dual stimulating vibrator, called Paul & Pauline. It is a twist and shake, and you will be twisting and shaking when it is through with you. Paul or maybe it is Pauline rotates in side you and the little one vibrates. It is tough to manage the controls. 🙂 The Fun Factory colors are just that, they are fun! Bright neon colors, reds, purples and greens! I am amazed they don’t have a glow in the dark one yet!