The Rules of Engagement

Here are some useful guidelines to help in facilitating a smooth encounter with me. Remember first and foremost respect is paramount. Just because I am willingly waving my fanny in your face is no reason to be disrespectful, now is there?

I can appreciate that some times we all get nervous, but this is no excuse for rudeness, my name is Violette, not “babe”, “honey”, “darling” or “sweetheart”. Please address me using my name, ask questions don’t bark orders, yes this is a paid service not indentured servitude.

Please don’t belittle yourself and ask me what you are going to get for your money, if at this point in the encounter you are unsure, you may want to go back and look at the front page of my website, and if still unclear, well…..

I will answer a withheld number, because sometimes, there are some gentlemen totally unaware that their number is private, but it will not be to have a lengthy conversation about my services, it will be to politely point out that your number id is blocked. DONT EVEN THINK OF ASKING ME A QUESTION!

Realize when I offer you a ‘chance to freshen up’, it is in the interest of an enjoyable encounter for you to take me up on that offer. There is always a shower facility in or near my love nest. I point out the shower gel, and mouthwash for a reason. USE THEM! They are not there to decorate the bathroom.

Please let me know if you are running late, everyone can run late. Not calling or showing up will not cause me to look favorably on you in the future. In fact depending on my mood, it could very well result in me never answering your call ever again!

We are not at a fish market, nor am I a fish wife, so DO NOT TRY AND NEGOTIATE MY RATES! They are posted for a reason, so you are aware well before you dial my digits what you are dealing with. There are lots of ladies in many different price categories, if mine is not within the budget, please seek pleasure elsewhere, calling me and trying to bargain me down will result in the phone going chillingly quiet.

I do offer a brilliantly passionate GFE, please don’t mistake this for the real thing, I am NOT your girlfriend to be invited out for coffee, or dinner, unless of course it is a dinner date and my fees for that are clearly stated.

If you are young, fit, good looking, and rich fantastic I am truly happy for you. Don’t expect, just because you think you are a stud in your own mind I will forget my fee. I don’t get excited at the thought of your handsomeness, I get excited at the noughts on my bank balance.

I have been working a while, and contrary to the belief that our bits go numb down there, mine are quite sensitive, which means approach with great delicacy. Trying to shove your hand up my nether regions will result in a very unfavorable reaction from me. The rear of the building is used for exiting ONLY! Trespass at your own peril.

Same for my nipples, yes they are large, but that doesn’t mean you can tune your favorite radio station on them. A gentle, soft approach will yield rewards beyond your dreams.

Keep texts to the minimum, usually for last minute details after an appointment is made, not as the preamble to setting up one.

I pride myself on providing a good service, sometimes going over the allotted time. This is the exception, not the rule. Don’t take my kindness for a weakness, and try to take advantage.

I am also an experienced Dominatrix, if this is the service you require, PLEASE know what you are getting into before you call me with your questions or requests. Google is your friend, search!  Don’t EVER call a professional Domme and tell her she can do with you what she will, you might end up in a situation you weren’t expecting, when all you wanted was shag and a bit of ball tugging!

I have a delicious ass, and I love having it worshiped, kissed, and licked, not scratched, rubbed raw, or lacerated. So, please shave before coming to worship my bottom. Or the bottom you will be kissing might be my shoe.

Slaves who want anal training, need to make sure all areas have been cleared of all debris before offering your nether regions to be rogered senseless by your Mistress. If you are unclear how to do this, ASK!


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