Violette the Domme

“I am delightfully sadistic and like to play with my food, before playing with it again.” Mistress Violette

Ok slave you have gotten this far, so this means you are ready to enter the play area and be Violated by Mistress Violette, the violation can take many forms and shapes. It can be anything as simple as me spending the entire session kicking you around the room like the dog you are, or demanding that you worship your Mistress’ beautiful bottom and cunt, or tying you up and making you watch me play with my lovely pink dildos, or after whipping you like the pathetic little sissy bitch you are, emptying your wallet of all its contents. The punishments I can dish out are vast and various. My sexiest piece of Dom equipment is my mind. Being a true sadist I truly delight in inflicting pain on you, I will never cause irreparable damage, only repairable. Come and see me for a truly personalized and customized training session.

This is a mild introduction to being dominated, now of course ‘lite’ is a relative term, this type of play is for the complete novice to the moderately experienced. I will determine what level you are at; as unfortunately in the past some individuals have let their googling fingers lead them into getting an extreme session, when they weren’t ready for it.
This is for my intermediate subs, there are various things involved, some involve pain, some involve humilation and some involve verbal-you will never know what I might have up my sleeve.
Now this is where you get the best of your Mistress’ attention and punishment, I will trample you, kick you, punch you, slap, spank, stick needles in you ball, and use you like my little bitch. I will whip you like you stole something or tried to run away. Come and let the Mistress let loose hell on you for her pleasure.
Calling all virgins! Have you always wanted to be seduced by an experienced older woman, sophisticated, exotic, beautiful? Then look not further. I offer an intense Mrs. Robinson, or The Graduate Fantasy. Younger man, older woman. Female boss and her new employee, school head mistress and her young public school pupil, the fantasy lists goes on and on.
I do love fetishes. I offer you a tasting menu for your delight and perusal:

Just to name a few.

I am currently in the market for the following slaves:
Requirements are: To totally spoil your Mistress with lovely presents on demand, no whining about not having the money, or the recession, or how you have bills to pay. Too bad! If you want to be my financial slave, it requires total dedication.
Requirements are: To be at my beck and call, when I am in town on tour, you will be required to pay tribute, and make sure that all the things I need before I arrive are ready and available.
Pathetic creatures, this is the holy grail of all submissive services, to be your Mistress’ sex slave, but before you start to wank off you pathetic little cocks at the idea of being my sex slave, you have to earn the right, or pay a VERY large tribute. And even if you pay the tribute, you still have to work to be your Mistress’ Sex slave. Not for the faint of heart. No small cocks need apply.
I only want serious foot and shoe fetish slaves, this is for the slave who also has a serious eye on fashion, and who knows who Jimmy, Christian, and Manolo are. I have lovely size 8 feet. Which must be treated with care, the better to kick you with.
Your sole purpose in life is to buy me presents, but make sure you ASK what I want first before adding yet another bottle of perfume to my already over burdened dressing table.
This is a very special kind of slave requirement, and I only need one or two of these. PM for the details of what being this is all about.
DOMESTICI haven’t met a domestic slave worth a damn, usually just slave wannabes wasting my time. So, no spaces for domestic slaves.

You have to apply to be MY slave. This process involves a well written e-mail as to why you are worthy for the position of slave to ME. Detailing, the limits to which you will to go to please your MISTRESS, GODDESS, PRINCESS, I answer to all.

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